Wine and Tarragon make it French: garlic makes it good… (Alice May Brock)

In the meantime, I had shopping to do. Most villages and towns in France have their own market day, once or twice a week, selling local produce as well as artisan goods. There is something really special about a French market. There is a real sense of community with friends meeting up shopping and enjoying coffee at a nearby café-bar.
Luckily, we have a chance to dive right into the experience this year, because our first day coincides with Millau market day. It has plenty to offer with wonderfully fresh fruit and vegetables filling the stalls, artisan pottery, bread, cured sausages, olives and cheeses. The sounds and smells of the market are so seductive. There was even an accordion playing in the background; you couldn’t imagine a more authentic tableau.
My spoken French is pretty atrocious, and seems to have got worse over the years, but nevertheless I managed to buy some perfectly ripe vegetables to use for our supper._MG_6222_MG_6215



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