Absence makes the heart grow fonder/Better late than never…..

Two sayings that make me feel slightly better for letting my blog slide, although they haven’t worked that well, as I’ve had feelings of guilt for being so neglectful.

It has been a crazy summer with the emotional ups and downs of exams (not mine) and change of school (again, not mine!), holidays, Proms and parties.

I have also made procrastination an art form over the last few months; thinking of things to write about and photograph, but never actually getting my arse into action. I always get inspiration when I can’t get pen to paper/ fingers to keys. When I’m out for a run for example or driving the car (usually collecting/delivering children to various locations), and by the same I’m sat in front of my Mac, I have total writers block. The only way to deal with stubborn grey matter is to ignore it and let it pass and then eventually, thoughts and activity with begin again.

So here is to a fresh start, a new beginning, and hope it never happens again!