Sometimes only pizza will do…….

I remember the first time I had pizza- not the kind served for school lunches (ew!), but pizza served in a restaurant called The Chicago Pizza Pie factory’, which was based in Hanover square in London.
At that point I was adamant ‘cheese-hater’ so it was quite q challenge to be enthusiastic.
They served a deep pan pizza, with a doughy base. It was a revelation to me. I’d never experienced those flavours before. They also served garlic bread and garlic mushrooms, a real awakening of my taste buds! The weird thing was that I was on a date. Why so much garlic?! At the time I had quite a small appetite, so carried my precious box back home. It made a great breakfast. I don’t think my Mum was impressed though!

Gradually pizzas have become very popular, available in many restaurants as well as supermarkets, and have really become the go-to meal when time is short.

Before I stopped eating gluten, I regularly made pizza from scratch at home. I really enjoyed the process and it meant that everyone could choose his or her own toppings.

Largely because our local supermarket had stopped stocking frozen gluten free pizzas. I decided to try to make pizza again, but using gluten free ingredients.
I looked at a lot of recipes and found one in a book called ‘Seriously Good Gluten Free Cooking’ by Phil Vickery (a UK chef – not the rugby player!). I’d had the book for ages, but hadn’t used any of the recipes. It really is a great book with plenty of information about celiac disease and gluten intolerance, and some really delicious looking recipes.


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