They look fantastic, but you can’t eat them!

Really? How long? 15 months or so since my last post, it seems.

How slack.

Things have changed since way back then. I’m now a third the way through my last year at university and everything is crazy busy. Not for me the regular student life. The minute my feet pass over the threshold of my house, I am bombarded with the same question, day after day. “Mum what’s for dinner’. Sometimes I just don’t know the answer and need to make a frantic dash to the local supermarket for something quick and nourishing (but not always massively healthy), to satisfy their constant longing for food.

So, this post doesn’t come attached to a recipe, but photographs of flowers.

Dead roses.

I was given them shortly after Christmas (they weren’t dead then, some of my friends quite like me!). They were beautiful when I was given them, but I knew that when they died, they would take on a new beauty. They lived for ages (what was their secret!), but slowly and surely, they wilted and dried out, like aging skin, but kept their wonderful colours, enhanced by their papery texture. They were crying out to be photographed.


I hope you like them.