Brown Bread Mix by Delicious Alchemy

I really miss making my own bread. I’ve used breadmaker in the past, but there is nothing like kneading dough by hand, it just feels so wholesome.
I was sent this bread mix to try and as I was making soup, I thought it was a great time to bake some bread. I really like the packaging this company uses; it feels friendly and fun.
The instructions were easy to follow although the print was tiny and I needed to wear my glasses (where did I put them again?!)
The really great thing was that I didn’t need to preheat the oven first, which is great as I often remember, when it’s too late (is it just me?). It does suggest using a food mixer as the mixture just very thick and heavy- they’re not kidding! The mixer made an easy job out of it. If you have ever seen dental cement, you’ll know what the texture is like! You still have to ‘prove’ it like regular bread, which is part of the fun of breadmaking. So into the airing cupboard it went. 20 minutes later it was really to go in the oven and 80 minutes after that, it was done. I was a bit worried about the long cooking time, but the final result was great.
It made a dense sort of bread. Perfect with soup, but I’m not sure about making sandwiches with it (Oh, how I miss M&S Prawn mayo sandwiches!), but it makes nice toast.


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