Review- Shellseekers, Borough Market

I thought that the one place I would find something gluten free to eat, easily would be Borough Market.  Saturday is a main market day and along with stalls selling produce, there is an abundance of lunchtime vendors.

It was totally packed with visitors at lunchtime, which made it a bit of a challenge to see what was on offer.  The majority of food items that I could see were wrapped in or served with bread of various kinds, and I found it quite difficult to find anything. After a few laps around the market (not at a fast enough pace to burn off the lunch that was to follow!), I found some Stir Fry Scallops (3 scallops with stir fry vegetables and crispy bacon) from a company called Shellseekers.  I’m not certain whether they were gluten free, but they seemed the safest bet.

They were really fresh and delicious, and pretty good value.


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